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Re: Columns UI

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Any chance for the following improvements? Image attached. Thanks in advance.

I just wanted to ask the same, but I think that padding space on the right of artwork is not needed too (in my design). I think you could add artwork align (right, center, left) and space in px. Currently that space is affected by chosen font type/size. I have monospace font and that space is large. Should not be affected by font at all.

Maybe you can also add frame for that small artwork, because white on white will have no seen edge.
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Re: Columns UI

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Noticed an itty-bitty discrepancy with Dark Mode, unsure if it has been noted yet or not, but the Tab Stack panel still has Light Mode tab navigation buttons. It's possible that this asset appears in other situations too, but that's the only one I've noticed for now. Screenshot attached.

Re: Columns UI

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It's been known about and fixed quite recently. People with github accounts can download the latest build from the actions section here...

Click the latest run and scroll to the bottom. Download inks will not be active for those who are browsing without being signed in.

Re: Columns UI

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Message for music music:

I have installed columns ui beta 2. I have not seen a listing of the new features.

I have only detected the following concerning the dark mode:

- Image1
- Image2
- Image3 Still in light mode 

Re: Columns UI

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  • That one is actually handled by the core (foobar2000 itself), hopefully it'll get resolved there now you've highlighted it.
  • I'm not sure if you're highlighting this because it's changed or there's a problem. If there's a problem, please provide more detail.
  • Okay, evidently there are some dialogue boxes that haven't been darkened so thanks for the reminder. They'll be fixed for the final version of Columns UI 2.0.0 where possible.

Re: Columns UI

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On Windows 11 22624.1465, Menu is always in light color mode

Re: Columns UI

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On Windows 11 22624.1465, Menu is always in light color mode

Try with this:
I tried, but the right-click menu is still light colored,

Under DUI, those menus can displayed in dark colored

Re: Columns UI

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There is a minimum version check for enabling dark mode menus and also a max version check.

edit: I've submitted a pull request to fix this.

Re: Columns UI

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Hello! Thank you so much for ColumnsUI. I've been using it for over a decade.

I have a very minor request - please add the option to always show the scrollbar in the playlist contents. I need the scrollbar to be there for the columns to have the same position as in the Queue Contents Editor (list) I have just below it. I also need to leave auto-resize on for when I change the window size, so just setting static sizes for all of the columns won't work for me.

Thank you for reading.
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