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Foobar seems to be becoming my fav audio playback, recorder, transcoder, decoder, and encoder program.

Is anyone planning on making a cool audio editing pluggin, which will allow the user to edit any audio format the rightclicking the file in foobar and selecting "edit".

This could bringup a window similar to Audacity and allow you to make some changes to the audiofile.

Just a thought


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umm.... can fb2k also make my coffee?

Seriously, maybe a simple plugin which allows you to configure custom right-click-commands to send selected files to external programs would do it. Otherwise.... can you say -bloat-?

- Lyx
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Otherwise.... can you say -bloat-?

Why is extended functionality that comes contained in a plugin (like CD burning, audio editing, etc) bloat? I'd say it'd be bloat if it was in the CORE, but when it's in a plugin dll you can always simply delete (or not even install) it if you don't need it.

PS: Correct question would've been "Can someone make a fb2k plugin that makes my coffee." If you catch my drift.
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Well, Audacity is opensource ...


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I guess what I was trying to say was, "Someone please make this"



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Calling an external soundeditor from fb2k. Selecting a track and that track will be openend in a Soundeditor installed on System?
Good Idea!