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Playlist Search Strings

Under Preferences, Display, and in the box 'Fields To Scan'...Ive seen these three tags used: artist;title;filename. What Im wondering, is because I have organized my music so I dont have to use tags (Ive created a seperate folder for each Artist, and then the filename of each mp3 is solely the title of the song) So for my playlist formatting strings, I just have %_directoryname% - %_filename% and it makes it look really good and no messy tags for me. However, I cant get it to search the directorynames  Can anyone tell me what string I would use here? Or any alternative options if there is no tag?

Thanks in advance 

Edit: Aww crap  I made this post in the wrong forum, I wasnt paying attention. Sorry to the mods  If anyone could move this if they see it, that'd be great. Im hoping the answer will be really short and easy though