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Topic: Why cant i use the foobar toolbar? Help steelspace (Read 1936 times) previous topic - next topic
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Why cant i use the foobar toolbar? Help steelspace

I dont understand why it doesnt show up in the menu. I uninstalled every version
installed earlier, (they didnt work anyway) And then reinstalled the latest version that you have mentioned to have been released. But even with the latest version it doesnt show up in the menu. I cant understand how to enable it. By the way i have installed two versions of fbr2k , the fbar 0.667 in the directory namely c:\programfiles\Foobar2000 and the 0.7 version in the directory C:\programfiles\Foobar2001

I thought it might be due to the directory names, but it doesnt seem that way, the plugin automatically detects the directory and the dll and other components show up in the loaded dlls , but the toolbar doesnt show up in the menu.
Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks for any replies given.