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Topic: In v2.0-2.1 can't see which album is playing. (Read 320 times) previous topic - next topic
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In v2.0-2.1 can't see which album is playing.

In the light theme in the "Album List" the album selection is not visible, and when there is a selection, it is dark blue, although the selection color is set to gray.
Can I make the selection everywhere gray, as specified in the settings and when switching between windows, so that the selection does not disappear?
It is very inconvenient when the selection of the album in the left column disappears, it is not clear which album is playing! In v1.6.6 it is visible, in v2.0-2.1 it is no longer visible, although the color settings are the same.


Re: In v2.0-2.1 can't see which album is playing.

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I still haven’t updated to the new version, because in v2.0... the album selection in the left column is not visible, it’s very inconvenient.