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panel configuration problem

I'm trying to migrate from 32-bit to 64-bit, but there are two panels presenting a problem for me: the "Artwork view" panel and the "Item details" panel.

The main problem is that when an item in the playlist is selected, or currently playing, the panels appear as desired...

...but, if a track is not playing or selected, both panels go completely blank:

(In my 32-bit version, this does not happen (using 3rd-party panels, which are no longer being maintained.)

Is there any way to keep the info in these two panels even when nothing is selected?

My second question is: Is there a way to get the "Album view" panel to cycle through several images during playback, rather than displaying a single, static image?


Re: panel configuration problem

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All scripts bundled with JScript Panel 3 always display something even when nothing is selected. Only an empty playlist will make them go blank. << cycles multiple images in a folder

Re: panel configuration problem

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Thanks, marc2k3.

I was planning on trying the JScript panels if it turned out that there is no work-around for this using the standard panels, but there are questions with them, also...

Regarding the track info ("text display") panel, I run across some formatting problems. 
On the left, is my preferred display; on the right is the display in the JScript panel (with the same formatting):

How can I reclaim the empty space at the top, bottom, and sides of the JScript panel?  ...or, how do I control the spacing and padding in the text display panel?

As for the JScript "Album Art" panel, can I get it to cycle through multiple images?



Re: panel configuration problem

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Thanks, marc2k3...

OK - JScript panel aside - back to my original questions:
 • Is it possible to keep info in the two panels when nothing is selected?
 • Can the "Album view" panel cycle through multiple images during playback, rather than displaying a single, static image?

There must be a foobar guru out there who knows. 8)