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Most of my components updated for 2.0/x64/darkmode

I've rebuilt almost all my components from old extant source trees with the new SDK for x86 and x64.
They fully support Dark Mode, v2.0 and 64-bit foobar2000 so if you rely on a niche component of mine it shouldn't be blocking any upgrades for you.

The updated components are:
Affix Silence (foo_dsp_silence)
Equalizer split (foo_dsp_eqsplit)
New Named Playlist (foo_new_playlist)
Remove Playing Track (foo_np_remove)
Replaygain Override (foo_rg_trn)
Seekbox (foo_seek_box)
Timebomb (foo_timebomb)

The sole component _not_ updated is the Waveform Seekbar (foo_wave_seekbar), that one requires quite some overhaul to build on modern toolchains but I think I've got a road forward there eventually with Direct3D 11.0 and shader compatibility mode.
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