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Re: Foobar2000 format strings

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Can somebody please help me with regards to sort patterns?

I'm duplicating a view of my playlist. The main playlist window, which is using Columns UI/SimPlaylist, is text only. I have a second playlist view, using Facets, across the bottom of the screen which displays the album art only. This album art view is used as a quick reference to the more detailed text view. The image attached illustrates this.

The issue I'm experiencing is the facets view is applying alphabetical sorting to the playlist contents so that it is not representative of the playlist order. I have not applied any sorting, which leads me to believe it's using my facets library default of '%ALBUM% - %DISCNUMBER% - %TRACKNUMBER% - %DATE% - %ALBUM ARTIST% - %TITLE%'.

I don't know what I need to input within the Facets column pattern to make it display with either no sorting applied or "as per the playlist order" if that is indeed different.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.