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Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help

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It should but work but there are 2 things to note:

-It only works with 64bit fb2k 2.0 / JScript Panel3. AFAIK, there is no 32bit version of the JXL DLL.
-The album art preferences must explicitly specify the file extension. Wildcards won't work.

Well that explains it, time to transition to foobar 2.0, Thanks for the quick reply!

Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help

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My original post wasn't entirely accurate making it look like JSP3 is a requirement. Default UI and 64bit Columns UI should also support it.

Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help

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Hi :) etip
Playlist Organizer (Playlist Manager) (JScript Panel 3 Script) 2023-03-10,110516.msg1023599.html#msg1023599

Many Thanks.
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Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help

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Darker colours come from using Default UI (top) as opposed to Columns UI (bottom).
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Thanks for the reply, I was thought you were using custom build that able to change that main dark background.
I have another question. In regard to Track Info + Seekbar + Buttons script. I would like to add a shuffle/default toggle button that can switch between different icon and colour states.
I'm not sure how to make the toggle function work, and I'm not a programmer, so I have them on a separate button instead.
May I ask how to make it on one button toggle?
Many thanks
Code: [Select]
    this.buttons.regular = new _button(panel.w - LM - (bs * 4), y, bs, bs, {
        char: !fb.RunMainMenuCommand('Playback/Order/Default') || fb.RunMainMenuCommand('Playback/Order/Shuffle (tracks)')
            ? '\uF074'
        colour: RGB(255, 255, 255)
    }, null, function () {
        if (fb.RunMainMenuCommand('Playback/Order/Shuffle (tracks)')) {
    }, !fb.RunMainMenuCommand('Playback/Order/Default') || fb.RunMainMenuCommand('Playback/Order/Shuffle (tracks)')
        ? 'Default'
        : 'Shuffle');

    this.buttons.shuffle = new _button(panel.w - LM - (bs * 5), y, bs, bs, {
        char: '\uF074',
        colour: fb.StopAfterCurrent
            ? colours.sac
            : colours.test
    }, null, function () {
        fb.RunMainMenuCommand('Playback/Order/Shuffle (tracks)');
    }, 'Shuffle');