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Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme

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I am not sure what are you trying to test with that, it's not doing what you think it does. New requests should also be directly skipped on shutdown.

Anyway here is a test file which crashes if you delete "window.IsUnload = true;" line; but works fine with it. Note the script will try to access a list of urls and close foobar immediately. So upon foobar restart, it will do the same and effectively make it unusable unless the last line of code closing foobar is removed.

Also note the interval ms affects how it's handled. 30 ms seems to work fine, but higher settings may crash too.  For sure 3000 ms will crash, there is a small window of time between the shutdown request and the actual shutdown and you have to use that.

That can be avoided with a direct abort routine at the callback and a stack of request similar to your approach, but the stack should be managed at the callback (not saying all this is needed, just that it would be the best approach, but the other one may be good enough).

Alternatively, wget or similar may be used to retrieve data from web without all these problems... it may be wise to apply this fix to xmlhttp requests too (and beware of similar behaviors on any activeX object).

Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme

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sorry for the confusion and never mind. I just tried a too unrealistic/aggressive approach just to illustrate the issue
that it should be gracefully handled by foobar itself when exiting abruptly during HTTP requests...

Your approach works just fine and is the correct way to handle this situation, we don't even need the safeguard
at the beginning of bioSend, I have tested it and it works just fine. As you pointed out:
there is a small window of time between the shutdown request and the actual shutdown and you have to use that.
With my unrealistic/aggressive approach it failed  ;)

Anyways, all is good, thx for that regor =)
Btw, can you add your workaround here: or make a new PR for WilB?

@Majestyk, I have already made a commit here:


Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme

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Hi, I have been using this wonderful theme for a while. It is really great and I want to thank the creators for their awesome work. There are just some little things I would like to customize in the theme (specifically in the biography panel) that I didn't find a way to customize even looking into the files, maybe someone has a solution or he can give me a hint about where to look.

I upload a screenshot to explain better

A) In the area 2 of the screenshot it loads the country flag of the artist if the file has the tag "artistcountry". This flag is replicated in the area 1. If I select another entry in the area 3, it remains the same flag also if the other artist has another nationality.
If the file doesnt have the "artistcountry" tag, the theme loads the flag directly from the artist biography page instead (I suppose) and it changes if the artist changes. How is it possible to make the theme keep the "artistcountry" flag in the area 2 and let it load the flag in the area 1 in the same way it does when the "artistcountry" tag is missing?

B) In the area 3 there are different selectable entries under "more tags". I have two questions about this.
            1) Is it possible to add other fields in the list (like conductor, ensemble, engineer etc)?
            2) Is it possible to make it search the "performer" tag without the content between brackets (some sites like musicbrainz put the instrument played by the performer in brackets in that field)? The ideal solution would be to have the instrument in brackets still reported in the area 3 but using the tag without the brackets to let the biography query produce some result.

Thank you very much again. Cheers


Re: Georgia-ReBORN - A Clean foobar2000 Theme

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Hi @fabwolf,

the artist flags will be displayed if you have tagged your music files with %artistcountry% in the lower bar and also use it
in the Biography. If there is no %artistcountry% metadata, no flag will be displayed in the lower bar, but it will use the Wikipedia
metadata ( if available ) in the Biography.

To add additional tags in the "More Tags:" section in the lookup menu of the biography,
open your "foobar2000\profile\cache\biography\biography.cfg" and go to the bottom and find these:
Code: [Select]
"tfAlbumArtist": "$if3($meta(album artist,0),$meta(artist,0),$meta(composer,0),$meta(performer,0))",
"tfArtist": "$if3($meta(artist,0),$meta(album artist,0),$meta(composer,0),$meta(performer,0))",
For example, to add conductor, we appended it like this:
Code: [Select]
"tfAlbumArtist": "$if3($meta(album artist,0),$meta(artist,0),$meta(composer,0),$meta(performer,0),$meta(conductor,0))",
"tfArtist": "$if3($meta(artist,0),$meta(album artist,0),$meta(composer,0),$meta(performer,0),$meta(conductor,0))",

I would advise to not add the instruments in the performer because of compatibility issues with not only foobar but also other
software when doing a query search on this metadata field. As you mentioned, it will not recognize and ignore the parentheses or brackets.
Although this could be done with additional title format pattern throughout library, biography and other parts,
but imo it is not recommended.