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e.g. m4a ids 256 and 258 have the same channel layout (per mediainfo), and there is also a several other codecs with id 258 (m48, mp3, aac, wav, and flac)

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These are YouTube video stream format codes, defined by Youtube.
There are several listings of the format codes available in the web, see here or here.
Codes 258 and 256 are both audio-only and have a m4a audio container which can contain different codecs (usually aac). 258 has 386kbps bitrate, 256 has195kbps.

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I actually made an account here only for this request:  
Please, PLEASE add a filter to search only YouTube Music official music uploads (those music videos with static cover art and "Provided to YouTube by *record label*" in the description.   
These uploads:
1. Have much higher audio quality (they are usually transcoded from lossless sources), than regular music videos.  
2. Have no audio effects or pauses related to the video
This would turn foobar2000 into a usable light and 0 ads YouTube Music client.  
I have no idea how to implement such filter, but I can't imagine it being too hard, you can just filter out the videos that don't have "Provided to YouTube by *record label*" in their descriptions.   
NewPipe on Android somehow goes a step further and allows you to filter for YouTube Music albums and playlists, that would be a game-changer.  
Btw the component is already great as it is, thanks for developing it.  

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When I start foobar YouTube source search panel follow the colors I have configured

But changing tab and coming back it start using white background with white fonts

I tried with stable and dev versions, both have the same behavior

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Love this plugin, but I just downloaded the 64-bit beta of v2 of Foobar, so I was wondering if there'll be 64 bit versions available in the future?
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^ Try foo_youtube 3.9 beta 2 which is 32/64-bit. See change log ('details' link) -

3.9 beta 2 (25-Sep-2022)

  • added 64-bit version for 64-bit foobar2000 v2.0
  • changed minimum requirements to foobar2000 1.5 (was 1.3), Windows XP SP3 (was SP2, at least on paper), and processor with SSE2 instruction set (was [probably] not required)
  • updated foobar2000 SDK to 2022-08-10, switched to Visual Studio 2022
  • included node.js in the package, so corresponding binary (Maintenance Third-party Binaries Javascript) now has an option Bundled (Node.js). This option is the default one now