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"Library Viewer Selection" playlist

From the foobar documentation " ... the "Library Viewer Selection" playlist can be freely renamed without losing any of its functionality. " ... which means the "Library Viewer Selection" playlist should be identifiable (maybe by its properties).

How can I find this playlist ? I did'nt find anything in playlist.h

Additional question: As far is i understand "Library Viewer Selection" playlist name is also preserved in case the playlist is deleted, so the name should also be memorized somewhere. Where?

Thanks for your support.

"Library Viewer Selection" playlist

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After some trial and unless I missed something, part of the answer below for reference :
  • the shared selection playlist will be created and its content refreshed automatically by the core when invoked by ui_selection_holder->set_selection_ex(), passing contextmenu_item::caller_media_library_viewer as the type GUID, provided that the shared selection playlist is enabled in Preferences--> Media Library.

That still doesn't explain how to recognize/find the shared selection playlist, like facets is doing according to its documentation.