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General - (fb2k) / Re: Sort the index.txt file for standard Playlist Switcher
Last post by regor -
Biting on this because your comment was unrealistic, involves misinformation and is not representative of the plugins you mentioned. Not sure which SMP manager are you talking about but for sure mine has a tree view (since it has folders) xd


No one has complained about "too many bugs", but you. I mean, just because you have found "2 bugs" lately, doesn't mean you are right. Specially when every single report I have got about any of my scripts on github, has been usually fixed and closed in less than a week (saying this because I usually offer support and care about making things work, even when people have exotic setups, Wine or whatever). More funny is your "bugs" are not bugs... just you not understanding the usage or the settings you used.

Also, you are comparing a manager with thousand of features with things that mainly sort UI playlists in a tree view. I mean, if that's what you need, then fine. It's an apples/oranges comparison. My manager is meant for people who are tired of having 2000 ui playlists loaded everytime on foobar, so it's meant to be used along playlist files. Using it as a foo_plorg replacement was just an extra, but it's clearly not the intended usage as stated everywhere on github, the HA topic, the readme PDF, ... Also most complex functionalities can be removed (and menus simplified) at the features submenu.

I simply found ironic that you complain about something being more complex than whatever you need... then clearly the problem is you used something not suited for your needs.  I am glad there are other options, like foo_plorg replacement or the js smooth manager, so we have choice. It's perfectly fine some people need simple things, it's also fine if some people need more complex things (which are not unusable just because you don't get them).

Finally, about the other JSP manager, maybe and just maybe it's more productive to report in their thread your performance problems so the author can take care of it (or warn about a limit with the number of playlists).

PD: Would also like to clarify and rectify your info about foo_plorg being broken after V2. It was already broken on V1, as reported multiple times.
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: exhale - Open Source USAC encoder
Last post by C.R.Helmrich -
I took a quick look at exhale sources and I don't see it doing anything to source WAV file channel order. If that's the case @john33 is absolutely correct and multichannel files encoded with it are quite broken, unless manually reordered to correct channel order.
My apologies, you're absolutely right, I totally misunderstood how the extensible WAVE format works regarding multichannel (I thought it allows to reorder the channels... which it doesn't). Just committed a fix to exhale's main branch, along with a minor tuning for the low-rate BA_MORE_CBR modes. With that the channel ordering should be correct.

Other Lossy Codecs / Re: lossyWAV 1.4.2 Development (was 1.5.0)
Last post by Nick.C -
Please find attached a new beta release of lossyWAV.

lossyWAV beta 1.4.3f, 26/05/2024 (expires 31/12/2024)
  • Due to two reported cases of apparent issues with encoders not dealing with odd length chunks properly a padding byte is now added to the end of the settings string contained in the 'fact' chunk of lossyWAV processed files, if the length of the string is initially odd, and the size of the 'fact' chunk will now always be even.