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Polls, Polls, and More Polls

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If it's chosen let's say more than 50% (counting starts at maybe 20 votes to prevent "unpolling" by the first few voters) it's converted to an ordinary thread.

Good idea, but I think that an useless poll would get few votes by definition.
Also, 50% of what? It HAS to stop at somepoint.
No, I agree more with the off-topic-unless-value-acknowledged-by-mod approach.
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Polls, Polls, and More Polls

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I think putting polls in a separate poll section / defaulting them to the off-topic section is a good idea (they don't bother me to begin with, but I could see why some people would become frustrated..  B) ) The only thing I don't agree with is censorship, innocent or not. If someone wants to post a funny / worthless poll, let them - just put it in off-topic where it belongs.