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Can I get CDTOC written upon verification?

I can only get CUETools to write the CDTOC tag to files it writes. Is it possible to write it upon verification, assuming I have set it to write verification tags to the file?
It may be that I have overlooked for years that this isn't possible, as most of my CD rips have "always" had the tag.

Also for CDTOC a slightly annoying behaviour: when CUETools writes CDTOC, it appends it to existing tag with semicolon as separator. Good thought, if there is one already don't delete it - but better would have been to check that new equals old and in that case leave it as is.

Re: Can I get CDTOC written upon verification?

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Isn't the point of verification that the audio will be checked against AR/CTDB without modifying the input files? If you want to modify them, you have to change to encoding mode.


Re: Can I get CDTOC written upon verification?

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It can write the result to tags. "Verify" and "Encode and verify" have separate "Write AccurateRip tags" checkboxes.

("Write CDTOC tag" is under Advanced and not here.)