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Privacy policy

Where is the privacy policy of the site?

Where is the contact to enforce privacy related user's rights? GDPR?

What happened to this?

Re: Privacy policy

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We (Hydrogenaudio) do not collect or process any information beyond what is necessary to run the forum and the wiki.

No information is ever sent to or shared with third parties.

Not sure what rights you wish to enforce, but you should just contact one of active administrators (i.e. me) about this.
Some people have demanded their account and posts removed. We consider this (removal of old posts) harmful to the community but comply if you insist on it.
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Re: Privacy policy

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Point is there should be a page describing exactly that procedure (even if it seems simple or obvious), as any web. It doesn't matter if it's a requisite for the forum. What information is collected (mail, username, ip, whatever is put on the profile, messages ..), who processes it (Hydrogenaudio only) and a contact to remove/change/block... the data. The contact should be publicly available and not within the forums, i.e. an email, mandatory in EU at least.

It's a requirement in the EU and USA and I'm sure it's the same in other parts of the world. Just saying, any day you may get sued for this (any user can do so at this moment  ::) and you would be esentially f***) or even completely blocked from a country at any point if you don't have one.

Not saying this because I wish to do anything now with my account, just been through a google account removal (+ all the associated accounts on multiple webs) this week and was surprised to see no privacy policy here when nowadays is a must.


Re: Privacy policy

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Okay, thanks for pointing all this out.

I'll put up a privacy policy document shortly.
We are the bork. Your software bugs will be added to our own. Resistance is futile.