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How to Delete Hydrogen Audio Account?

Pretty much as the subject suggests - how do I close and otherwise delete my forum account here? There doesn't appear to be the respective option in my profile settings...

Re: How to Delete Hydrogen Audio Account?

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Well we wouldn't have this problem if one could delete their account... Guess I'll just fill this account with gibberish data and abandon it then.

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Re: How to Delete Hydrogen Audio Account?

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I personally don't wan't to delete my account, but I find it disappointing that you can not do this or delete messages.
Also this is mandatory under some legislations.


Re: How to Delete Hydrogen Audio Account?

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Messages can be modified or deleted with the assistance of a staff member. Use the "Report Post" link or contact a staff member directly via private message.

Your account can be disabled and profile information hidden with the help of an administrator. You would need to contact one of them directly via private message.