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Topic: Play wv / dsd without foo_input_sacd (Read 1470 times) previous topic - next topic
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Play wv / dsd without foo_input_sacd

I wanted to ask some things about playing wavpack / dsd files, I tried to play dsd64 and that's fine because they are played in pcm 352.8, but my dac at most reaches 768 in pcm and if I try to play a wv / dsd128 mi from error, of course I would like to reproduce them using asio or wasapi combined with the drives of my dac ...... is it possible to do something or should I change the output module and use one that is not in exclusive mode like asio or wasapi?

Re: Play wv / dsd without foo_input_sacd

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Use resampler in DSP. To avoid reasmpling of material that you do not want to resample you will need to use resampler together with foo_dynamicdsp
But i would advise to resample to lower samplerate - 44100 or 48000 or use lowpass. Because native wavpack decoder doesn't filter out high frequency noise of DSD.