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Add flac folders to playlist ??


Thanks for this free app !!

I don't know wether this is intended or not... When you "long tap" on a folder containing MP3 files, you have a menu proposing 3 options, among them "Add to playlist ..." and "Create a new playlist".

When a folder contains FLAC files, no menu is shown, and you cannot add the whole folder to a playlist.

Is it possible to have this feature implemented in some future realease of Foobar Mobile please ?

Thanks in advance !


Re: Add flac folders to playlist ??

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OK. I looked further about this issue and found out that I couldn't add my FLAC folders into playlist because.... they all have a SUBFOLDER containing covers images ! Once the subfolder is deleted, we have the "add to playlist" option available !

Isn't possible to have this option anytime, even if a subfolder is present ?

Thanks in advance,