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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Song starts on first click. Help please
Last post by testpilot -
any news on this topic? I've got the same problem. I wish to have an option/ a plugin that prevents me from switching to another title by doubleclick on playlist member. (Because sometimes my finger is doing things  8) )

I'm using foobar 1.4.1, ColumsUI, Affix-Silence, BPM Analyzer, Enhanced Spectrum Analyzer, Now Playing Simple, Playback Statistics, Playlist Attributes, Scheduler, Skip Silence, WASAPI Output and some visual enhancements ...

btw - I'm also using foobar for DJing at Tango-events .....

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Anakunda -
I'm testing ET 1.0.7 now and the previously reported bug is gone. However not fully stable yet, external tags from CUE playlist not all transfer to output files on conversion (all ext. tags are used for filename scheme during conversion). Just the metadata transfer fails case by case.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Grouping convert presets
Last post by yetanotherid -
That sounds like it'd be a good idea, and this also seems like a good place to mention a minor converter configuration annoyance (or two).

It'd be great if the size of the columns displaying the encoder name and settings under "Output Format" would "stick", or at least auto-size so it's possible to read all the text. Currently the columns have to be resized manually each time "Output Format" is opened.

When "Output Format" is opened.

This would be better.

When opening the Converter setup, the Saved Presets list on the left is contained in a "frame" of a fixed size. It'd be nice if it could be resized to eliminate the need for scrolling. Currently the only way to achieve that is to resize the entire "window" which can use a lot of screen real estate.

Having to scroll or use the tooltip to read all the text.

The whole window has to be resized to show all the text on the left.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Hi-Bitrate ASIO playback
Last post by Case -
WASAPI of course can't bypass Windows audio as it's API for Windows Audio Session. The exclusive mode however will bypass Windows mixer that can resample and mix multiple sources together. That doesn't mean volume can't be adjusted. You can make ASIO drivers that listen to audio session volume settings too and adjust with them.

ASIO won't sound any different than any other output methods if your volume settings are identical. They will all be just as clean.

Edit: AIMP seems to resample everything to a common samplerate so even poor ASIO drivers can work. You can achieve the same in foobar2000 by activating a resampler DSP.
FLAC / Re: flac or mp3 or bad master?
Last post by kode54 -
FLAC only has the Nyquist cutoff of the sample rate it happens to have been recorded or mixed at before encoding. Being a lossless compression format, it has no other cutoff possible, unless someone or something applied a cutoff to the signal before encoding it.

Another possibility is a round trip through lossy compression before it was converted to FLAC. Some unfortunate people either source lossy backing tracks into their mixes, or even mix to a lossy format before sending said lossy files to their publisher.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Support for new id3 tags being used by iTunes?
Last post by pymatuning -
***** These seem to be existing foobar2000 tag mappings (v1.4.1 final) *****

foobar-field                     mp3-frame                              m4a-frame                              itunes-field (v12.9.1.4)
---------------                  ---------------                          ---------------                          ---------------
ITUNES GROUPING         GRP1                                       mean...ITUNES GROUPING     Grouping [mp3]
GROUPING                      TIT1                                         @grp                                       Work (name) [mp3}   Grouping [m4a]
WORK                              TXXX...WORK                           @wrk                                                                         Work (name) [m4a]
MOVEMENT                     TXXX...MOVEMENT                 @mvn                                     (Movement) Name [m4a]
MOVEMENT INDEX          TXXX...MOVEMENT INDEX      @mvi                                      Movement (#) [m4a]
MOVEMENT COUNT        TXXX...MOVEMENT COUNT     @mvc                                     of (#) [m4a]
SHOW MOVEMENT          TXXX...SHOW MOVEMENT       shwm                                     (show) Work & Name [m4a only]

***** Please consider these "highlighted" changes to foobar2000 tag mappings *****

foobar-field                     mp3-frame                              m4a-frame                              itunes-field (v12.9.1.4)
---------------                  ---------------                          ---------------                          ---------------
ITUNES GROUPING         GRP1                                       mean...ITUNES GROUPING     Grouping [mp3]
GROUPING                      TIT1                                         @grp                                       Work (name) [mp3}   Grouping [m4a]
WORK                              TXXX...WORK                           @wrk                                                                         Work (name) [m4a]
MOVEMENT                    "MVNM"                                  @mvn                                     (Movement) Name  [255 characters max]
MOVEMENT INDEX         "MVIN"  {before/separator}     @mvi                                      Movement (#)  [integer only 1-999]
MOVEMENT COUNT       "MVIN"  {after/separator}         @mvc                                     of (#)  [integer only >= movement (#)]
SHOW MOVEMENT          TXXX...SHOW MOVEMENT      shwm                                     (show) Work & Name  [to show set to 1]

   "add a check box" in 'Advanced->Tagging->MP3->ID3v2 revision and quirks' to
   'Map TIT1 to Work and GRP1 to Grouping (more compatible with iTunes)'

GROUPING                     "GRP1"                                     @grp                                       Grouping [mp3]         Grouping [m4a]
WORK                             "TIT1"                                       @wrk                                       Work (name) [mp3}   Work (name) [m4a]

   "an alternative check box" for greater tag control would be to
   'Map TIT1 to iTunes Work not Grouping (more compatible with iTunes)'

ITUNES GROUPING         GRP1                                       mean...ITUNES GROUPING     Grouping [mp3]
GROUPING                      "TXXX...GROUPING"                @grp                                                                          Grouping [m4a]
WORK                              TXXX...WORK                          @wrk                                                                          Work (name) [m4a]
ITUNES WORK                "TIT1"                                       mean...ITUNES WORK             Work (name) [mp3}

These changes will allow, across most devices, the new use of Work, Movement, etc for classical
 song identifications and the previous use of Grouping for album identification, such as Studio,
 Live, Other, Compilation etc, which was done with <contentgroup> and <content group>.

Thanks foobar2000 for all that you can do, it is the best thing out there, everyone keep supporting it.
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