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General Audio / Re: Does retagging FLAC albums can affect the integrity of FLAC files?
Last post by zoliky -
I'm using Kid3Qt in Linux. It's a simple software made for the KDE desktop environment but it works in GNOME as well.
I just edit the genre field and press the save button. I don't think it changes anything else. It's a very simple software with no side effects.
I think Musicbrainz Picard do some stuff in the background like you mentioned with ID3 tags, but as far as I know it removes them from FLAC during save, not add them.
General Audio / Re: Does retagging FLAC albums can affect the integrity of FLAC files?
Last post by DVDdoug -
No, the audio won't be touched.

...I have heard of cases where ID3 tags were added to a FLAC (they are supposed to use Vorbis comments) and then some software couldn't open or play the FLAC.    I'm not sure how that was done because good tagging software shouldn't do that.

Audacity can't write a tag without re-writing the whole file so there's a possibility of accidently adding dither or otherwise altering the audio.   So, don't use Audacity if all you want to do is add or edit metadata.
General Audio / Does retagging FLAC albums can affect the integrity of FLAC files?
Last post by zoliky -
I have about 100 albums I ripped months ago and I would like to make some changes at the genres of the albums. I was wondering if modifying the metadata of the FLAC files can affect the integrity of the FLAC files. The date stamp of the files after retagging will change to the current date that's for sure, but other than that can the audio of the FLAC get affected in any way?
General Audio / Re: Categorizing music by genre
Last post by zoliky -
I could live with the genre completely removed from my FLAC files. I don't care about it as I never search by genre, however the music ripping software ask for one genre at least. I'm using Linux.

If I can put all pop and rock albums under pop/rock I think I covered like 80% of my library. These are the broad genres of allmusic I was wondering if I can use the same few genres as it saves from a lot of headaches.
General Audio / Re: Categorizing music by genre
Last post by ojdo -
Genre is a nightmare.

This. Either follow Porcus' advice and live with what external taggers and artists throw at you, or: develop your very own taxonomy. I have both experimented with hierarchical (10 broad genres à la allmusic [Classical, Pop, Rock, ...] + 60-70 fine style tags, most of them just more granular genres [Vocal Pop, Hard Rock, Opera] but also special notifiers [Instrumental, Orchestral, Vocal] that span genres) and broad taxonomies. The hierarchical model was reasonable to maintain, as I only hand-sanitized the 10 broad categories, whereas the style taxonomy could grow a little untidy at times. All in all the cost-benefit ratio of maintaining such a tree did not cut it.

My current iteration on the genre tag aims to allow for directory browsing and consists of over 60 handcrafted genres that fit my library, so that each folder has <100 albums in each. I manually clustered similar albums and only then determined the label. Finally I tagged all files according to those clusters.

To give you an idea what those labels look for me (containing between 2 and 60 albums each): 
Acid Jazz       Dubstep          Indie Rock               Progressive Rock
Alternative RockEasy Listening   Industrial               Punk           
Ambiance        Electro          Instrumental ExperimentalR&B            
Ambient         Electro Acoustic Instrumental Hip Hop     Rap            
Big Beat        Euro House       Instrumental Rock        Reggae         
Blues           Exotic           Jazz                     Rock           
Chanson         Folk             Metal                    Ska            
Chiptune        Folk Metal       Metalcore                Soul           
Cinematic       Funk             Minimal Techno           Swing          
Classic Rock    Garage Rock      Mix                      Symphonic Metal
Classical       Glitch           Modern Classical         Synthpop       
Country         Glockenspiel     Nu Metal                 Synthwave      
Dance           Hard Rock        Pop                      Tech House     
Darkwave        Hip Hop          Pop Rock                 Techno         
Disco           House            Post Hardcore            Traditional    
Downtempo       IDM              Post Pop                 Trance         
Drum'n Bass     Indie Acoustic   Post Rock                Trip Hop       
Dub             Indie Pop        Progressive Metal        Vocal Pop      
With that, the file name pattern
Code: [Select]
genre/album artist - album [year]/d.nn. title.ext
becomes pretty browsable, even when I have only file system access.
General - (fb2k) / Peak search over the playlist
Last post by ramvivat -

Can the FB2k search for the loudest fragment among all the tracks in the playlist and play this particular fragment? When recording cassettes on a tape recorder, it is very useful to know the maximum recording level for the entire playlist or album in order to adjust the recording level on the tape recorder, which is guaranteed not to be exceeded throughout the entire album. ...
Does the FB2k have this capability (like "peak search" function on Hi-FI CD Players) natively or using plugins?