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AAC - General / Re: Which encoder to use today?
Last post by eahm -
Btw, here a bigger encoding:

-5 Total encoding time: 0:14.984, 839.83x realtime 1.03 GB (1,114,639,444 bytes)

-8 Total encoding time: 0:24.109, 521.96x realtime 1.03 GB (1,106,756,410 bytes)

I have no idea where I got the 30MB per GB but it's much much less, I think it can go up to 30MB per GB depending on the type of music.

More info here: you can see here 5 and 6 are very similar and don't compromise speed.

But we're OT with FLAC, this is an AAC forum.
Forgot to mention that event mode worked fine with xmos's usb audio 2.0 driver.

Anyways here is my dac:
What DAC are you using?

If push works then keep using it. It's probably your DAC doing something funky.
General - (fb2k) / Some samplerates doesn't work wasapi in event mode
Last post by Roberth -
I have an issue with some samplerates not working with wasapi in event mode with Windows 10's USB Audio 2.0 driver while push mode works fine(including DS for that matter).

44.1 khz and 882 khz works fine, while 48 khz and 96 khz files does not. I don't have any 192 khz files to test.

I get audio but its heavily distorted.
The  free software vb-audio cable allows to use  7.1 with EQ-APO in any case. (e.g. also when your  soundcard only supports  stereo for headphone playback).  I strongly recommend it.
Peace is in my opinion the best gui for EQ-APO and the fastet way to switch between different rooms. I also recommend it.

If you don't like to install additional software then you can still use the usual EQ-APO config file configuration. 

The old pack was done for the convolver VST at a time where EQ-APO couldn't do  convolution. Hence, you can call this pack a superset of the old pack including a few additional rooms and separate headphone filters.

When you follow the links in the end of the pdf you will find information about the rooms and headphone filters. So far, I had no time to do a description. The pdf was written in very short time...

General Audio / Re: Meridian Audio's new... sub-format called MQA.
Last post by ajinfla -
“everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”
Confucius Tyson

Actually, I think McGill will come through with a study
Ugh. There were a couple line-breaks which shouldn't have been there in the text I copied from the pdf that broke stuff...
It seems okay now. (It got louder, and a couple of channels might have been missing too. )
MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.100 has been released
Last post by eahm -
john33, perfect thanks, let me know when and I'll test right away.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_wave_seekbar
Last post by Wemppu -
Hi, just found foobar 200 and this extension since I have been lacking visual to levels of volume.
Background: I am playing music often in figure skating and gymnastic teams contest. OK, playing also in hockey games, but those are always loud and high :) ... no need for visual there.

So I finally can see clear prepared playlist and visual if music is starting in low volume in start or so, BUT my problem is that Wave Seekbar is showing wave AFTER i start actual playing.  Therefore I am missing very start of levels.

Is there any way to set waveform to be displayed when track is selected in playlist?
Before track is actually started.

Sorry if this was answered in this thread already, but there was 84 pages to read ...