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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Dolby Atmos for Headphones support broken for multichannel audio since v1.6.1
Last post by ThePhxRises -
Unfortunately Microsoft for some reason blocked foobar2000 from getting the automatic spatial audio support with XAudio, but you can now use

Hmm, well, this is better than nothing but I dislike that it forces stereo tracks to play with spatial processing. I guess I'll just have to manually switch outputs back and forth.
MP3 - Tech / Re: Making MP3's sound more stereo
Last post by Klymins -
It does beg the obvious question: Why MP3 at 32 kbit/s?
If you are not satisfied with the sound of MP3 at 32 kbit/s for the signals in question, then why use that codec at that bitrate?

Of course it is "possible" to have a DSP subtract a bit of the "mid" from each channel. Or equivalently, subtract a little bit of right from left, and a little bit of left from right. Not saying it will sound good, but why not try.

Looks like you didn't understand my problem. I'm satisfied with the sound of 11025Hz 32kbps stereo MP3. But, my source files have a narrow stereo width. Joint stereo never reduces the stereo width.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: JScript Panel script discussion/help
Last post by MaFred -
Where can I download 3.5.7? Thanks.

I only provide old versions when system requirements change. There is no change in 3.6.x

Did you read the warning on the download page. If you missed if, I'll link to it again,

It should only take a few seconds to fix any sript errors caused by the upgrade.

Thanks for the tips! I had undefinable problems with Bio + Images on the first try with 3.6x - but it worked on the second try.
I particularly like the fact that the background adapts to the color of the images.
Thank you very much!
Support - (fb2k) / Adding URL (http or WebDav) to the Media Library
Last post by Orion33 -

Since I have no place to store terabytes of my favorite music while in emigration, I started thinking about organizing my own cloud playback. Currently, I have set up a combination of Oracle VPS < RClone > OneDrive. RClone can be configured to work over HTTP protocol or WebDAV. Inspired by this success, I wanted to tell my wife about it last night and installed the mobile version of Foobar on her phone. To my surprise, it was POSSIBLE to add a URL to the Media Library there. And it successfully scanned and created a database.

Why isn't this feature available in the PC version? I tried to add a link in the folder opening field in the Media Library menu in Settings, but an error occurs about incorrect data.