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General - (fb2k) / Re: Custom tags in left panel
Last post by Air KEN -
Text Display
JScript Panel 3 (foo_jscript_panel3)
font: FontAwesome:

JScript Panel Configuration > Samples > Text Display


$font(Yu Gothic UI,12,400,0,0,0)
$font(Yu Gothic UI,14,600,2,1,0)$rgb(220,40,0)
$font(Yu Gothic UI,12,400,0,0,0)
[ '('%date%')'$crlf()]
[Track Number: %tracknumber%][ / %totaltracks%]$crlf()
[Codec: %codec_long%]$crlf()
[Bitrate: %bitrate% Kbps]$crlf()
[Samplerate: %samplerate% Hz]$crlf()
[TrackGain: %replaygain_track_gain%]
[File Created: $date(%file_created%)]$crlf()
[Index: %list_index% / ][%list_total%]$crlf()
FLAC / Re: FLAC v1.4.x Performance Tests
Last post by ktf -
Is this known/expected?
No, not really. I'm able to reproduce this.

FLAC 1.4.0 had some major changes that benefit most sources, but not all. Apparently the sine wave you mention is one of the cases that do not benefit. However, a 1kHz sine sampled at 44.1kHz or a 1.01kHz sine sampled at 48kHz show a much smaller loss.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Editing tags in foobar
Last post by Air KEN -
03 Scherzo - allegro vivace con delicatezza.flac
ALBUM ARTIST: Lazar Berman

There are two "Album Artist".
ALBUMARTIST: Lazar Berman ← Delete


*.CUE exclusion ↓

General - (fb2k) / Custom tags in left panel
Last post by 4Art6 -
Good morning,

I have used foobar2000 a lot for many years.
I installed a few plug-ins like: ASIO and Playback Statistics.

Also, I have personal information in the TAGs of my audio files such as the origin of my audio files that I would like to see displayed in the METADATA of foobar2000 V2.1 Windows.

The only thing is, I don't know how to do it and if it is possible to add TAG information in this left panel.

If anyone has managed to do this, please let me know how.

General - (fb2k) / Re: Editing tags in foobar
Last post by Case -
Don't delete tags, that is unnecessary.
If you look at the tags in your file, all the information shown in TagScanner is also shown by foobar2000.
You have removed the *.CUE exclusion and you have cue files in the library. Cue files will ruin your media library, add *.CUE behind the Exclude list.
The sample file you shared shows absolutely no problems with its tag edits. And all information in it is visible in foobar2000.
If the CUEs are not the reason for your missing information, then that custom skin you use has some weird titleformatting filtering your tag data away.