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change font size? (+skins)

Hi, there, I've been using Foobar2000 for years.  Love it. I just installed on a new machine after my old machine broke. Has a bigger monitor. However, the font size looks pretty tiny inside the app.

I've tried tinkering with Windows 10  Ease of Access, but that doesn't seem to affect appearance of anything within the Foobar2000 app. Or am I doing something wrong?

Related: What's the best URL for browsing through Foobar200) themes (I see this , are there any better URLs?)  Maybe a review or site featuring screenshots on the same page? Thanks.

Re: change font size? (+skins)

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Preferences -> Display -> Default User Interface [assuming you use that] -> Colors and Fonts -> pick and choose?

Mods will probably move this to the fb2k forum though.
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Re: change font size? (+skins)

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Thanks. Silly me. I saw the ability to change the fonts, but didn't realize that you could also change font size by choosing the font name...  Easy.

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