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General - (fb2k) / Re: Feature Request - Audio Captions
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To keep it clean: until now foobar was never aiming at playing video files at all. At best you can expect playing audio stream from them through foobar, using foo_input_exe, foo_input_ffmpeg or foo_input_ds (this last one requires 100% working DirectShow on your PC). There are no known clues that foobar will play anything else than simply sound at any time in the future. Plugins may help with adding some additional functionalities. You may try to search for thread about one of lyrics plugins, look if plugin developer is active in the thread and ask him for adding such possibility.
However - keep in mind that freely elective 3rd party plugins are possible only in Windows. On Android there is no possibility to add external libraries to installed app (Andoid security). Such library had to be bundled to foobar's .apk file downloadable from Play Store.
Yes. This was clearly stated in foobar's crash dump. Crashing was not happening before I started using Office 2016 64bit. It started shortly after installation (with first Converter component usage) and went away right after I deleted / renamed this dll. I was even conducting tests - one run with grooveex.dll renamed (to .dllxxx) - no crash, next with "stock" groovex.dll - immediate crash when Converter was asking for file destination. So I kept it renamed. But when new version of dll was coming back after some Office update, crashing when Converter was asking for destination folder was coming back. And when I renamed dll again - again it was disappearing. Do you still think it was related to sound card drivers? I don't think so...
Use Shift-ESC then. Unfortunately there are some limitations in every software, mostly coming from operating system API. No matter for what reason (foobar's built-in or due to Win32API) you checked yourself, that ESC can not be used as a keyboard shortcut, because it does other things in the app. If you see it is impossible - use different solution then (Shift-ESC, Control-ESC, whatever is possible).
There is also option in your Operating System, to disable power saving for hard disks...
Version: 4.0.2a
    • Updated theme.fcl.
    • Removed unused CUI layout.
    • Fixed crash when clicking on volume bar in Playlist Mode.

Kudos @always.beta  ;)
There is an option to prevent Hard disk sleeping on Preferences > Advanced > Playback.
Set the buffer to 1000 ms, no less...
. . .  tweak the mixing strength until the separation is no longer annoying and leave it there.

Got it, thanks.
I may have misunderstood something but you need DTS decoder component for DTS-in-WAV support. To convert the file to a decoded multichannel FLAC file you need to enable decode postprocessing setting in Converter. The checkbox can be found in Converter -> Processing -> Additional decoding.
No plugin or settings can make headphones sound like speakers. The purpose is to only reduce channel separation without altering the sound. If you have music that sounds annoying as only one ear hears certain instruments, tweak the mixing strength until the separation is no longer annoying and leave it there.
In my opinion the best way to decode LA format is to use the la.exe with foo_input_exe. You can use the settings from the attachment.