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Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by Atmasphere -
Hey, it may have generated more revenue than free streaming services, though!


Kinda did:

BTW at that lofty price, you still have the Mission Impossible problem of finding time in a vinyl stamping mill.

While it is true that it takes 6 months or so in the US, a recent project we did for a local label got pressed in about 4 weeks from a plant in the Netherlands. They had the tests back to us in the same week.

OK, so it is not dead and gone yet. It, and its associated equipment, has a following that is going to keep it alive for a while yet. But, give or take a bit of waxing and waning, it is never again going to be a mainstay of the mass music market. I don't know why some of its enthusiasts have a need to "prove" otherwise. Who cares how many albums and turntables were sold last year, this year... it is not even a particularly interesting statistic to people who buy albums and turntables.

Very true! About the only use for such statistics and links is in forum threads like this  :)

Old library, not as accurate. I can use it, but it won't sound the same.

OK, So if "foo_sid" has better accuracy, Isn't possible for u to add it to android version?

I know that U said it needs powerful ARM devices, But u can add it as an option, So only people with powerful ARM devices would enable it.
Ogg Vorbis - Tech / Flac to Ogg using OggEnc2 in MusicBee
Last post by diego59 -
Hi. I use MusicBee to convert Flac to Ogg. It uses an old version of OggEnc2.
I use Audacity to see the audio spectrum. I'm not an expert as I don't really know how to judge the quality, I just search for differences in the spectrum to judge the better quality audio. Comparing the Ogg to the Flac, I see a 'hole' in the spectrum. What this means?
-q 10 -p 4    to converter

It shouldn't do that if you set filter precedence  by field list above and not by position in splitter.
Also apparently pausing does not work, as reported several times.

My case:
- Windows 8.1 64 bit
- foobar2000 1.3.16
-  foo_out_upnp plugin (1.0 beta 15)
- Sony Bravia TV KDL-50W829

Playback works, pause gives "Unrecoverable playback error: UPnP device error: Action Pause failed"

Regards and thanks for the great plugin,

But in contrast to a streaming of flac-files using microsoft's media player, using foobar's added streaming-ability, no information about artist, album or title to be displayed reaches the receiver. Only the song's name 'foobar2000 audio stream' is displayed, none of the other informations given by microsoft's media player.
I see this too. Is this a bug or not implemented at all? Would be nice to have.
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -
musical instruments [...] shares a lot with high end audio
Feel free to elaborate.

Often musical instruments sell for high prices for not a heck of a lot of hardware, based on sonic advantages for which no standard objective tests are used to quantify. 

I am told that the audio for performances and the musical instrument market taken together sum up to be  about the same size in dollars and customers as high end audio.
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -
Other than musical instruments, which is really an area that shares a lot with high end audio, what else is there but a few esoteric tubes for broadcasting, radar and the like? Even most of those application have gone over to "The Dark Side". ;-)

I'm pretty sure that every microwave oven still contains a magnetron tube.

The original brand  name of the microwave oven was "RadarRange" I was an early adopter, and my father before me. RadaRanges were made by Amana under license from Raytheon, of military radar fame. So, it was already included in the phrase "...tubes for broadcasting, radar and the like?"
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -
And it's true that classical music lovers were the most enthusiastic early adopters but the main reasons mentioned at the time were a lower noise floor and the ability to play a complete work without having to turn over rather than sound quality itself (though you might consider lower noise a quality improvement). Having said that I'm sure there were many lured by the promised improvements in sound quality
Posterior generated "fact" or baseless opinion?
Only the tiny audiophool fringe bubble talking among themselves missed the audio improvements of CD vs snap crackle pop

Baseless opinon that is contradicted by statistics from the day. As with LPs, the bulk of the sales of CD were popular and contemporary music of the day.  The overwhelming majority of consumers wanted their new music on CDs, and were actually setting aside their existing LPs and replacing them with CDs.
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -

If the LP were really on the way out, seems unlikely that a product like this would exist.

If the LP were a boutique item, that is exactly the kind of device and pricing ($4,000 plus thousands of dollars worth of supporting products that must be obtained elsewhere),  that we might expect. BTW at that lofty price, you still have the Mission Impossible problem of finding time in a vinyl stamping mill.
Vinyl / Re: >20kHz content found in vinyl?
Last post by Arnold B. Krueger -

But, after his trying to make me wrong on this point,

I didn't make anybody wrong - most exercixe their rights to do-it-yourself on that regard.

apparently now there is a consensus that indeed a cartridge cannot be stored indefinitely

Of course, that is a straw man. Nobody is silly enough to think that everything is forever.

Furthermore, that's another straw man, because I never said such a thing.

What I was trying to convey was the idea that the sonic faults of cartridges have measurable symptoms and that there is often  even some kind of correlation between the measurable fault, and the audible consequences.

I'd go so far as to say that if a cartridge has good trackability in standard trackability tests, good measured frequency response, and distortion that is in the expected range all other things considered, it can be reasonably expected to sound about as good as vinyl can sound.

and that it will not perform after a few years, mostly on account of the cantilever and its suspension.

Cantilever useful age is about indefinite, barring mechanical damage. Suspension useful age depends on its design, materials, and working and storage environments and can be distressingly short if any of the above are sufficiently suboptimal.

I had a Micro Benz that made it 10 years one time; not sure how long it would have lasted as one of my employees sheared off the stylus.

What reliable evidence do you have to support that claim?

The point was before this diversion was if you are using an older cartridge as part of your evaluation of the LP, you are likely to come to a false conclusion.

Another straw man argument. I never said that  I  based my conclusions entirely on older cartridges.