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Low frequency noise/vibrations in household

Since some time, might be a year or even two, I'm annoyed by very low frequency noise hearable in the house. By ear it is somewhere around 35-40 Hz, it is most audible in bedroom upstairs (probably a question of resonance). At night I can clearly hear when it appears and disappears (several hours periods), I don't sense it at day (not sure if due to masking by daytime noises or if source is off).

House is on a hill, outside of city, the source of noise surely doesn't come from anything inside or neighbourhood - I excluded heating, fridge, there's no big air conditioning around, nor high voltage lines/transformers, train lines, big roads, etc.
There's a market and some small industry several hundreds meters away, but I think it's too far for common industry diesel engines to pollute with vibrations that far.
A couple of kilometers away they bore for gas (3,5 km deep), I thought that this might be the source but it doesn't take ~2 years to dig such hole does it? And I guess that after drilling, the extraction of gas itself shouldn't cause such long-range noise?
There's also dynamometer of aircraft engines which is said to work 24/7 but it is 10 kilometers away...

Any ideas what it might be? Is there any not expensive hardware which could measure the frequency and level of such low frequency noise? Maybe one night I'd drive around with something like that to locate the source (hoping it's not hell digging up, or aliens :D ).


Re: Low frequency noise/vibrations in household

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A couple of years ago, I could hear a low frequency hum 24 by 7 inside the house. Nothing in the house was on and I could hear it in several rooms.  Then our suburb had a power outage. When the power came back on the hum was gone.  I suspect that it was a failing motor or pump in the near-by school or apartment building. And when the power returned the motor wouldn't start.  Noise like this sometimes couples through the earth. I can hear the kids playing driveway basketball several houses away, loudest down in the basement.
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