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AccurteRip won't accept key disks
On many PCs I have configured AccurateRip and most of the time the disk that happened to be in the drive was suitable for a key disk.

However with my new PC with drive HL-DT-STBDDVDRW CH12NS30 1.02, I cannot seem to find a disk that will work, I have tried many of the disks listed at

There was a disk I was convinced I had used in the past, but until now I couldn't find it to try.  However I have now found it it is Queens of The Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf.  When I happened to buy a special release that contained previously unreleased tracks, the disk with Songs For the Deaf matched the one I bought originally.

I have tried around 15 disks, from ones that have AAD, to more modern disk and every single one, even if the list showed 3 or more suitable pressings, the disk I used still didn't work.

What am I meant to do?  It seems increasingly unlikely to me that I haven't got a key disk, because I have always in the past been able to find one without even trying.


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Re: AccurteRip won't accept key disks
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What ripper are you using?

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Re: AccurteRip won't accept key disks
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Exact Audio Copy v0.99 Beta 5.

Strange either I didn't get round to it or closed it before the disk was tried, but when I re-ran EAC.exe to check which version I am running, it picked up the Stanley Road by Paul Weller, and is now saying 'congratulations' and it has set stuff up correctly
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