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General - (fb2k) / Re: windows 10 and foobar2000
Last post by fohrums -
It's still happening even w/ Foobar2000 v1.3.15. I'm sure we're all aware that were trying to drag&drop tracks into a plain empty playlist as opposed to a playlist that's generated as an autoplaylist.

I'm using stock FB2K playlist and already ran as admin-privileges with no success :( and doing the same thing with CTRL+O is tedious!

I was only able to do it when using a 3rd-party file manager like Double Commander, but i'm now trying to stray away from anything that isn't default within Windows 10 (moving to different PC's is too hard with your too personalized customization, that's why).
CD Hardware/Software / Two questions about missing samples
Last post by dl7749 -

The CD drive is an LG burner with an offset of -667 (i.e. offset correction +667 in EAC term).

(1) I am trying to rip a Beatles CD with EAC on this drive. Tracks 1-14 are audio tracks, and track 15 is a data track. How does the issue of missing samples enter the picture?

(2) EAC has an option 'Overread into Lead-in and Lead-out'. My drive does not support it and if it is enabled anyway, ripping from most CDs give sync errors on last tracks, but doesn't on a few CDs. What is so special about these that don't give such error?

[ In question (2), the CDs are proper audio CDs, no data tracks. ]

Thanks for your reply.
Literally the title lol, the first part is so silly I can't even figure it out, I lost the media library view and can't find out how to put it back, its not a UI element from what I see or it has a really stupid name. Picture showing what I mean:

Also my rainmeter stopped working at the same time, not sure if thats related but taking advice anyways.

Here is my UI elements selection menu btw: and
Back again, and still struggling with the same question (new computer now) - I've no doubt you'll all get bored with my question here, but for the life of me I just can't replicate, using all your advice above, what I managed to achieve, eventually, before.

I'm afraid I can't insert a screenshot - I can insert a footnote, table or horizontal rule, apparently, along with plenty of other stuff I don't need, but not a simple picture!! Anyone know why that facility is unavailable?

I'm certain I must be missing some fundamental point which those who have replied in this thread assume I already know, some kind of checkbox that switches on sensible commands, but I can find nothing.

... and so I'm back, & again unable to list my audio tracks in an order which means I can listen to Artist A's 1st album followed by their 2nd, then Artist B's 1st, 2nd then 3rd album, then Artist C, etc etc.

I'm quite happy to accept that the model of 'listening to one album then the next' is ancient and ludicrous and no-one listens to music that way anymore, if that's the deal, but I would have thought that an artist's 1st album followed by her 2nd etc was not such a bizarre request - so I'm sure I must have missed something... can anyone help?

Many thanks
General Audio / Re: Clipping audible when lossy encoding?
Last post by saratoga -
[...]normally inaudible integer overflow [...]
Huh? The only way for "integer overflow" to be inaudible is to not overflow.

Integer overflows are inaudible until they happen, which can make finding them quite hard if few types of inputs cause them.
Actually ... I did not even know about this: had a capacity for 94 minutes PCM. Brought to you by the creators of Betamax ...

But I cannot imagine industry support - rather, one would have to expect major costs fighting the RIAA back then when they tried to restrict audio-on-CD-R to very special hardware and media.

I imagine if you'd pitched that to Sony in 1996, they'd have pointed out that they could easily expand the capacity of a CD by more than 30% just by increasing the NA of the read out optics without having to spend a small fortune on semiconductors.  Remember, by the late 1990s things like GD-ROM were already commercially available with larger capacity and almost no cost premium:

"considered a mistake that contributed to the Dreamcast's early demise."

Yeah ... so even in the game console world, where the drives are bundled with the machine (unlike for music) and the vendor ensures that this is how the content is delivered (unlike for music), this choice of format could ruin your business.

Timing played a role as well.  As the Nintendo GameCube could not play DVDs either.  Being the first out in a console generation and yet not utilizing the DVD format was stupid of SEGA.  It allowed Sony to gain an edge.

I think if SEGA skipped the 32X, supported the Saturn better it would've turned out better for them.

The PS3 wasn't exactly 1st place in it's generation despite being the only console to play Blurays.

Also consumer confusion can affect a business.  Nintendo was very successful with the Wii but when they went to release a new console they called it the "Wii U".

And finally the overall quality and value of a product and who it's marketed towards can determine it's success and adoption.  With a format you want as many people to adopt it as possible.  With a game console the quality of the software library and the consumer base that adopts it can affect you, not just in the present tense but also later on.
General Audio / Re: Clipping audible when lossy encoding?
Last post by [JAZ] -
[...]normally inaudible integer overflow [...]
Huh? The only way for "integer overflow" to be inaudible is to not overflow. Any tiny amount of overflow will be clearly audible. ( ok.. maybe with white noise it could be hidden under the SNR, but otherwise... )
Thanx @Phanton_13 I find your post really exciting! I will give a good read at your links!
Opus / Re: Opusenc's built-in resampler
Last post by saratoga -
I sometimes find it bad since sometimes, I want to ABX Opus with another codec, but just because Opus outputs 48kHz audio, I have to go for extra measures just to resample the output of the other codec to 48kHz also.

You shouldn't resample other audio to 48k, you should resample the opus output to match the input. I am not certain, but I believe opusdec can do this automatically.
General Audio / Re: Clipping audible when lossy encoding?
Last post by saratoga -
Is this in reference to my opus clipping remark?  If so, I was considering clipping because the artifact was described as sounding like it and the material was chiptunes, which can cause normally inaudible integer overflow or clipping bugs to suddenly become very noticeable.  A full scale square wave will often make it very clear if your processing steps need more headroom.

For software that handles things correctly, lossy induced clipping should not be audible.