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General - (fb2k) / Re: Editing tags in foobar
Last post by anamorphic -
In Preferences > Media Library, under 'Music Folders' heading, you have these folders, right? -

..\LR_Classical\Beethoven (etc)
..\LR_Classical\Schubert (etc)

Right-click the last two and select Remove. They are not needed because you are already monitoring the folder above.

Now under 'File Types' heading, make sure the 'Exclude:' box has -

Code: [Select]

Click the Apply button.

Now right-click on the "LR-Classical" folder, and select Rescan Now. Click OK and it should update the library. (It might take a few minutes)

Edit: Afterwards, reselect items again from the Library / Artist tab (on the left) to update the playlist.

Re: "ON AIR" - You cannot do anything about modifying the skin (Eole). It works the way it works. So forget about that. Doing the above steps should hopefully remove these problem files.

Honestly if I had $1 for every time someone needed help with the Eole skin, I'd be millionaire by now. :D
FLAC / Re: FLAC-git Releases (Code Base v1.4.x)
Last post by Wombat -
Multithreading enhancement added yesterday to official git.
I attached a 64bit generic clang 17.0.1 version since i tried the newest package of clang. Still GCC versions are faster here.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_vis_projectM
Last post by RedSaint -
Awesome component! Loving it, and using the 64bit version currenctly. Just set up a tab view that's just a simple playlist and album viewer on the side and projectM taking up 66% of the remaining space. 

The documentation page that one can navigate to from the components page seems slightly outdated (last noteworthy update was in September 2007, almost 16 years ago to the day 😅), so I was confused about setting it up in preferences, but seems like that is not necessary anymore. 

Feature suggestion: One thing that'd be nice was being able to keyboard shortcuts, in particular just for the "random preset".
Other Lossy Codecs / Re: Descript Audio Codec (.dac) - 90x smaller than .wav?
Last post by przemyslawo -
I had a quick play - had to install CUDA 11.7 and a large amount of python stuff to get this working.

If you're on Windows and struggling with the pytorch not compiled for CUDA error, remove all Nvidia CUDA software and Nvidia drivers, and reinstall both using the CUDA 11.7 installer.

Encoded a WAV file (CD Audio, 1h16m51s) - 69 seconds to encode, 145 seconds to decode on a 3080.

Command line:
python -m dac encode in.wav --output .\

I tried to install with pipx in my Debian, but as it was taking so long to download, I had to abort at 10 minutes of installation, and also I was afraid that it could install a lot of stuff and it would be difficult to remove afterwards. But this is not a problem, there is LXC in which I can make a clean installation without messing with the system; I will give a try when I have a spare time.

My PC is of 2017 and my GPU is a Nvidia GT 1030, comparing to a 3080 it is 12~15x slower. My question is if the decoding will be that slower too.

In there is some royalty free FLAC musics:

/\ I will try to convert to .dac and will post the result here.