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Missing ReplayGain Scan function

i don't have any menu links to the original ReplayGain Scan function, and i don't see it in the component menu... it should be under Preferences -> Tools?
it's an old foobar install, updated to v1.6.6, can this functionality be downloaded somewhere?
i do have ReplayGain in the Playback menu.


Re: Missing ReplayGain Scan function

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Select the tracks in the main window and right-click on 1 of then. Then you'll see the RG in the drop-down menu.

Re: Missing ReplayGain Scan function

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That was weird.......

Give it try with a portable 'install' of fb2k and and see if it works there. If it does so do i recommend ya to uninstall your installed version of foobar and start all over with a fresh install of it.

Attached a screenshot of my fb2k showing RG in the drop-down menu.

Re: Missing ReplayGain Scan function

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that fixed it, the default install had replaygain unchecked(!), so i ticked the box and installed... the missing component is named foo_rgscan

thx for your help, i should have tried a complete install before posting out here :-/


Re: Missing ReplayGain Scan function

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Gr8 that it got solved :)

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