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Audio Hardware / Re: Documentary about the world's best stereo system
Last post by DVDdoug -
he could have saved a lot of money by just calling Genelec.
And he could have better sound (at lower cost) by replacing the record player with a digital source. :D :D :D

...Well, I guess you can't say "better" if you like the "warm crackle" of a vinyl record!
foobar2000 mobile / Re: Resume playback problem
Last post by eddie.zato -
Mobile foobar2000 still has some problems with audio files in the "image + embedded cue" combination. Unfortunately, I can't provide a reliable method of reproducing this problem. Sometimes when I listen to an album and press the previous/next button, the player goes to the first track in the file instead of going to the previous/next one.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_uie_sql_tree
Last post by stevehero -
No, you always need to explicitely specify the wanted columns in the where clause, e.g. for artist and title:
Code: [Select]
FROM MediaLibrary
WHERE 1 IN (regexp_search('^\s+|\s+$|\s{2,}',artist),regexp_search('^\s+|\s+$|\s{2,}',title))
You don't need the lookahead in the regular expression here and you could put the regular expression into an own table to not repeat the expression literally for each column.
That's a pity, I thought there was a way to perhaps do a loop over all the columns in the db.

That was a regular expression for replacing whitespace and I forgot to remove the lookahead.

Thanks for the example.


It shows up a track. I've checked both the artist and title for whitespaces.

Although it appears to be the à that is causing an issue in this.

See screenshot below of the track Voilà.

Changing the regular expression to the code below resolves it but it would be interesting to know why it's not working with \s and would be the better solution.

Code: [Select]
^ +| +$| {2,}
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_scheduler
Last post by Awesomeo -
Any way to make the next launch after the first cmd is finished? Maybe there is some workaround for this.

If I launch in sequence
Code: [Select]
C:\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe /runcmd-playlist="Utilities/Optimize file layout + minimize file size"
Code: [Select]
C:\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe /runcmd-playlist="Utilities/Verify integrity"
it obviously doesn't work, because both go in parallel and block each other.

The only solution I have so far is to run a short batch file in between that calculates pause time based on file sizes before launching the second cmd, but it's icky as file sizes are not the best indicator of each cmd's complexity.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Title Formatting: How to automaticly identify different strings and remove them?
Last post by WilB -
1. Removal of trailing year. You can add a comma to the $strstr check. It has to be in single quotes: ','
I've added it to the main one you want below.
Code: [Select]
$if($strstr(%path%,'://'),$cut(%title%,$sub($if3($strstr(%title%, - 19),$strstr(%title%, - 20),$strstr(%title%, -19),$strstr(%title%, -20),$strstr(%title%,  19),$strstr(%title%,  20),$strstr(%title%,',' 19),$strstr(%title%,',' 20),$strstr(%title%, 19),$strstr(%title%, 20),$strstr(%title%, '('19),$strstr(%title%, '('20),$strstr(%title%, '['19),$strstr(%title%, '['20)),1)),%title%)

2. Removal of radio station name. Seeing as you are using m-TAGS, it should be straightforward to use a custom_tag. Call it what you like. It may be easier to JUST add the custom_tag to the problematical radio streams you want to run the code for. Set it's value to say 1. Then the code simply checks for the presence of the tag. It shouldn't require anything else to check if it's a radio stream. So you can try something like:
Code: [Select]
$if(%custom_tag%,$trim($right(%album artist%,$sub($len(%album artist%),$strstr(%album artist%,|)))),%album artist%)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Manager-SMP
Last post by regor -
Changed a bit the last convert feature to allow an arbitrary number of presets (instead of only 1). Also the list shows the DSP, TF and path (disk letter + folder name). I think it's much better now since it allows multiple outputs without needing to re-configure it or asking for user input every time.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

* (DSP) and (FOLDER) means those var are set with user input instead of predefined.
Audio Hardware / Re: Documentary about the world's best stereo system
Last post by NateHigs -
Great post, thank you! I'll watch it this evening as it's 50 minutes long. I can tell you know though, he could have saved a lot of money by just calling Genelec.

Having said that, always nice to see people with an overwhelming passion

edit: HOLY CRAP - that's the biggest turntable I've ever seen!
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