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Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar2000 1.4 broke keyboard media controls
Last post by Alexxander -

Before downgrading, I had looked for the UVC option in Win10 and couldn't find it. Now I've installed again v1.4 and found the option in foobar200 preferences. Keys are working again, also after one PC reboot. UVC option is enabled. I'll be vigilant when keys stop working and then will disable UVC integration to see what happens.

Audio Hardware / Re: "Only few percents of FIDELITY"
Last post by magicgoose -
Just saying, when you make loud bass sound waves, "perfect" woofers aren't enough, you need to make sure that no objects in your home resonate with it. A lot of metal/plastic/glass/etc. objects may add "distortion" because they literally jump and hit other hard surfaces, and they need to be fixed in place or dampened somehow. So if you hear a distortion, check if it actually comes from the subwoofer or it's something jumping in your room.
Last post by magicgoose -
Maybe SoX resampler is not necessary if the SACD component does that with the similar precision. I can't confirm for sure if SoX is necessary here because I don't know about the resampling algorithms used in the SACD component.

And yes if your SACD component is set to already produce 44.1k data then of course no further resampling is needed because it's already 44.1. Resampling from 44.1 to 44.1 will _at best_ do nothing at all.

> as long as the sample rate for DSD64 is a multiple of 44.1 then it should be good

Actually good resamplers like SoX can resample to any rate without any sound quality problems.
Opus / Re: Vorbis Sounds better than Opus at 192 kbps.
Last post by ThaCrip -
Like blurry_light mentioned, I think some around here won't like that kind of claim because at that high of a bit rate (i.e. 192kbps) AAC/Opus etc are pretty much transparent across everything or pretty darn close to it. so in other words, it's not really possible for OGG (and the like) to top them and will basically boil down to a ABX test if your going to make a claim like that. because if you can't ABX Opus or OGG at 192kbps (like compare, through ABX, the 'lossless file to OGG' and then do 'lossless file to Opus' and see if you can even detect a difference) then basically your not hearing any difference. hence, that claim would be false.

or to sum it up... Opus is pretty much the all around king as it tends to be the same or better than everything else (sound quality wise) at a given bit rate and mainly shines at lower bit rates, like say 128kbps and less, even though it's still great at higher bit rates but starts to lose it's advantages at the higher bit rates.
General Audio / Re: Need Advice To Replace iTunes mp3 with FLAC
Last post by Porcus -
though this usually isn't due to sheer malice, but simple ignorance; quite often, artists aren't aware that if an MP3 is converted to WAV or FLAC, the lossily discarded information won't come back.

Bandcamp only accepts uploads from a lossless format (good idea), and so bands do convert their MP3s to WAV prior to uploading (because ... of course).

Beware that Bandcamp can cancel your purchase after you have paid (without giving you any money back), for no reason whatsoever:,108139.msg959843.html#msg959843
General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 ignoring hidden track notations? (INDEX 00)
Last post by Case -
You have a misunderstanding. Index 0 is "hidden" only with the first track. The zero index is like intro marker for a track but it's treated as if it belongs to the previous track. CD playback starts from index 1 and happily continues to play all indexes until the disc ends. If you wish to hear the so called hidden track you have to rewind from the beginning of the disc.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Filters don't work
Last post by Case -
To the topic starter: you need to configure media library in preferences. Filters show content from the library, not from your playlist(s).
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