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General - (fb2k) / VST process
Last post by wagner reatto -
I usually use foobar to listen and encode my songs that I hear via bluetooth in the car.

The process is as follows: flac -> AUDIO PROCESSOR -> m4a or opus.

In the AUDIO PROCESSOR section, I use a VST that is used to let the music in the same style as an FM radio station.

The problem is that this VST processes in various cores (otherwise the procedure would be too slow).

I let it render in 4 cores "one song at a time", otherwise the computer (AMD, 4 cores, 32bit) crashes.

How to set foobar process, in a list of songs, one at a time (no multiple files), without having to manually trigger? (In case I want to process 24 songs, I have to trigger one by one)

I can not find a way ...

thank you
General - (fb2k) / How to convert to .m4a with artwork?
Last post by jack6th -
For example
input_file: D:\XXX\A.flac
artwork_file: D:\XXX\cover.jpg or D:\XXX\A.jpg
Now foobar2000 will display A.jpg in Artwork Panel when I am playing A.flac.
I had qaac.exe.  I can convert the input file to A.m4a.
How can I convert the input file to A.m4a with the artwork file in it?
And iTunes can display the artwork when I am playing A.m4a.
Vinyl / Pioneer PL-990 - Noise Suppressor
Last post by estigma -
Hello, I'm n00b in turntables and stuff. I recently bought an Pioneer PL-990 and I notice that the sound when is low the turntable suppress the audio, is there a way to disable that function?

Here's an example of what I mean:


Have you checked the SMART values of your HDD? I wouldn't be surprised if the drive is dying.
Use bit rate's at 320 - 512kbps.
Hello, I am running Windows 7 32bit (full updated, any patch installed and so on) and Foobar 1.3.14.
Since a lot of weeks I have these two errors:
Error writing library files.
Library files could not be written (bad allocation)

Error writing playlist files.
Playlist files could not be written (bad allocation)

These two errors are blocking because Foobar crashes just a few seconds after or crashed without displaying anything.

I tried to fix the problem myself, running chkdsk, fsc, and reinstalling Foobar from scratch, as well reinstalling VC++ libraries and others, but NO WAY to have foobar working anymore as before.

I need help.
Thanks and regards
I don't get it. You want to have maximum quality in lossy encoding? Use maximum bitrate.
Hi guys

All is in the title, I tried changing FB versions, tweaking Preferences ...

Worked before (before what ? )

Anyone's advice welcome.

Thanks for you help, sorry for my English


Haven't used it myself but foo_random_pools may offer a way of sorting random groups of tracks during playback based on tags as I noticed in screenshots a 'Sort/limit each group' checkbox in the pool settings. Someone more familiar with it may be able to clarify whether the component could be useful here, though it's not a regular shuffle mode.

Also if such a thing were possible I'd imagine you'd need custom tags to mark sequential tracks.
I wanted to configure opus encoder in such a way that the decoded files  are near lossless.

What bitrate i need to set for stereo , 5.1 and 7.1 channels in VBR mode such that i get near lossless compression?
Also any idea how much latency is added when i do set in " OPUS_APPLICATION_AUDIO " application mode as compared to "OPUS_APPLICATION_RESTRICTED_LOWDELAY"?