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I'm not an AES member and don't plan on purchasing the paper, but does it explain why so many people are impressed with Bose speakers?
I am a newbie here.
I am looking to know about any tool/quick way  to convert a 24bit PCM raw(headerless) file, having 3 byte PCM samples,
into a 32 bit PCM raw file which has 4 bytes per sample, with the MSByte of the 4 byte data as sign/zero extension of the 3byte sample.

Apart from the 24bit raw file, I have its corresponding WAVE file as well if it helps.

When tried in audacity, although it converted 24 bit to 32bit, it did not sign/zero extend, but it right shifted by 8, the 24 bit sample. So in effect the 24 bit sample was sitting in the left aligned 24 bits of the 32 bit , which is not what was desired.

Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: DSD to PCM conversion
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I depend on them quite regularly:
12AX7, EL84, EL34, 6L6

What do you use them for?
Guitar amp?
I need a little help with a script problem I have. How can I modify the replay gain data for a track from within a script?

Thanks in advance for your time.
Which is why you should use something similar to JBL's or Brüel & Kjær's target response curves for your room correction, instead of aiming for 100% flat.
No one aims for flat in room mid/far field/at LP, as discussed ad infinitum in prior threads. That's either strawman or misunderstanding of what "flat" is being referred to, which is the native, onset response of the speaker, usually anechoic.
As for the JBL and B&K curve "targets", that too is questionable. There is no EQ police, EQ to whatever floats your boat. A well designed speaker should need no EQ above the transition frequency in Olives link...and minimum below, with exception of reducing large peaks. The bass "curve" should be whatever you feel best for your tastes in music. JBLs (Synthesis) boosted bass preference curve is based on HT and music, of unknown provenance. They are included in the Toole paper I linked earlier and is not what trained listeners preferred (thought it might help sell Synthesis subs).
This is still the best bass article I know of to date, as it is a compilation of many studies:

Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: DSD to PCM conversion
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Rollin reported that converting DSD to PCM through WavPack is gapless. I recall you're a foobar2000 user so you could use it to do the conversion. Compress DSD to WavPack, load the .wv files in foobar2000 and use its converter to resample and convert to target format. Just make sure that foo_input_sacd isn't installed for this step or you won't get PCM output from the files. The SACD component does unallowed things and overrides the native WavPack decoder with its own DSD outputting version.

And the conversion is transparent unless intentionally done wrong. Good resampling introduced noise is over 100 dB below the signal and no organ in human body misses the lost ultrasounds.

Gapless is important to me.  Thanks for that information.

I really love the idea of Wavpack.  I just don't have any devices that support it.
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Thank you!
Actually this feature already coming.
I'll wait for beta or release version, then.
A little jarsonicing never hurt anybody. Current alpha version has these settings
Hello, i have a feature request that explained in the title itself :)

And little explanation why it should be needed:

In foobar we have two settings - for icon and for program behavior.

AAAND what we got:

we can
a) close to tray icon
b) minimize to tray icon
when "minimize to tray icon" option enabled
a) close to taskbar
b) minimize to taskbar
when it's not enabled.

The feature i want to request is the third mode when we can
c) minimize to taskbar and close to tray icon.

Is it possible? Maybe, there are already some settings or plugins?