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General - (fb2k) / Re: UPnP MediaRenderer output | discussion
Last post by antares -

How did you check it? Using an external Player?

I use A Bricasti M1 DAC as external player. It has a network-input as well as USB and other digital inputs. And I can definitely exclude, that the reverse channels are caused by hardware!
Why? When I install the older plugin "UPnP/DLNA Renderer, Server, Control Point 0.99.49" and play via network, channels are ok. When I play via USB, channels are ok. When I use PlugPlayer on my android-tablet and stream from my NAS or my SSD, channels are ok.
But when I use "UPnP MediaRenderer Output 1.0" (Device>UPnP : M1 or DSD : UPnP : M1), channels are reverse.

This is a matter of fact!

General - (fb2k) / Re: can foobar 1.4.x read file date stamp ?
Last post by anamorphic -
Hey there,

There is a %last_modified% in the Title Formatting Reference doc, but that seems to be it. Not sure how useful really.

I did a quick search and I think the last word by a developer on this feature request for a %file_created% type of field was five or so years ago -

Just stopping by to let you know that Peter is aware of the request, but it can't be added nicely with the existing API.

So I guess the only way is to make it a custom tag. (I guess using MP3tag?)

Cheers :)
CD Hardware/Software / Re: EAC and metadata
Last post by microlog -

Thanks 2tec for your answer. Yes I tried this also, but there is no columns hided. And even if there were just hide, the corresponding informations will appears on the details of the compressed files, which is not the case.

(by the way I'm french, so please excuse my mistakes that may occur on english language, especially on conjugation).
CD Hardware/Software / Re: linux [] 0.7.2 config
Last post by sanskrit44 -
thanks for your evaluation.

i understand your move back to wine, but i really want to give linux tools a chance. from all the candidates left, whipper seems the best choice to me right now.

in fact, disabling the templates gets it working, so i guess it is a bug. if it is not, i would be happy to hear your suggestions.

#Tracks are named according to the track template, filling in the variables
#and adding the file extension.  Variables exclusive to the track template are:
# - %t: track number
# - %a: track artist
# - %n: track title
# - %s: track sort name

#Disc files (.cue, .log, .m3u) are named according to the disc template,
#filling in the variables and adding the file extension. Variables for both
#disc and track template are:
# - %A: album artist
# - %S: album sort name
# - %d: disc title
# - %y: release year
# - %r: release type, lowercase
# - %R: Release type, normal case
# - %x: audio extension, lowercase
# - %X: audio extension, uppercase
General - (fb2k) / Re: random playback with artist and song repeat protection?
Last post by mjm716 -
How could shuffle tracks understand that they are basically same song, only with different performer?

is your question, "why doesn't my audio player have artificial intelligence?"  ::)

You can use Shuffle.

You can use playback statistics and filter only songs that have never been played (%play_count% MISSING):

You can use random pools and control how often an album or artist is played:

General - (fb2k) / Re: random playback with artist and song repeat protection?
Last post by takora -
Shuffle tracks is the most close option. But it tends to play same artist more than once in 1 hour. My collection is currently 1373 songs and no artist has more than 32 songs. And about song protection, my collection has several instances of "Hey Joe" and "Season of the Witch". How could shuffle tracks understand that they are basically same song, only with different performer?
General - (fb2k) / Re: Album art caching
Last post by mjm716 -
I thought there was an option to turn the "album/artist" labels off.

If you are using grid mode, you can edit this file to turn the labels off:

Comment out (turn off) the following lines by placing // at the front of each. Resave the file and reload the panel.

that's the best option I have.
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