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CUETools repaired this for me
Just listen. Four seconds.

CUETools could actually repair something that sounds this bad. 20496 errors corrected over a 45 second period. The entire CD now verifies with AccurateRip.

From the AccurateRip numbers, it is clear that the cheap Brilliant label got a bad batch of CDs here. Two tracks have AR scores in the 45/80 range, and the remaining ones have around 125/200.

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Re: CUETools repaired this for me
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Hi. First time user... What is the program of choice to burn CD's resulting from a CueRipper rip?  Is there something just as easy to use, or perhaps a plugin?  Instead of ripping, tagging and archiving CD's, I'd also love a quick "one-button" type setup that lets me securely rip a CD and copy it immediately to blank media.

What is the method people use?