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Ear Protection Plug-in?

I very often use headphones when using VLC player and Samplitude DAW software for music and movie playback. Sometimes the volume control sliders don't remain at the levels I've set them previously and I'm only lucky to be quick enough to yank the phones from my ears before any perceived hearing loss occurs.

Isn't there by now a high quality and intelligent plug in that prevents headphone levels from ever becoming dangerously high regardless of software volume control settings?

Re: Ear Protection Plug-in?

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The best thing IMO (in terms of reliability) is a habit of always starting the session with hardware/system gain set to (almost) complete silence, and increasing from there as needed.
some ANC'd headphones + AutoEq-based impulse + Meier Crossfeed (30%)


Re: Ear Protection Plug-in?

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Dedicated headphone amp with Giant Knob.
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