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Saving streams with winamp

I remember being able to save mp3 streams to disc using the option 'Save files to' in the 'Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder' some years ago. Is it just me or doesn't this work anymore in recent winamp versions?
(I'm using Winamp 2.91)

thx in advance.

Saving streams with winamp

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I use a "tweaked" but 100% working method for that.
Once the stream starts buffering, open "file info". Then copy the link that appears on it into the browser and stop winamp's streaming. It will start downloading...
Once the download has been completed, it will auto-play. However, it will be in a hidden folder in the temporary internet files folder.
As you cannot directly enter it, when the song is playing open "file info" and copy the link to the hidden folder without the mp3 file name, then paste it in Internet Explorer or whatever browser you use.
Once you're into that hidden folder, arrange the files "by type" then you'll see your mp3 there. Cut and paste into your mp3 directory, then job ended. 

Saving streams with winamp

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Hm. When i paste that URL (like in my browser I get a shoutcast webinterface. I guess I have to set something like 'winamp' as http user agent of my browser?  Isn't there another method...  as far as i know there is nothing illegal in recording a radio stream for privat use