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Future of audio coding?

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"or you could (be silly as me) get a cheap/used controler and some old used scsi drives (it is not that hard to achieve the speed of todays best ide drives with slightly out-of-date scsi tech), "

What you need is massive space, who cares accesstime or transferrates when all its doing is storing music  scsi doesn't offer anything thats really needed for mass storage, you can buy some nice raid cards for pata drives, not long before we have a decent sata raid card..  right now riad5 with pata/sata isn't really that great...    but considering the cost of ide drives you can just do raid1 heh
Plus scsi is way too expensive per GB for this.
oh yea, its not that hard for ide to beat anything but todays fastest scsi drives (15krpm ones), go read the review of WD's 10000rpm raptor sata drive on storagereview,  "WD's drive, however, delivers single-user performance that matches and even exceeds not only 10k RPM SCSI but also that of 15k RPM units. It is the answer to many years of prayers from power-users and enthusiasts worldwide."
raptor woulda messed with scsi in serve performance if it supported command queuing which sata spec supports >:|  but hey had to just go ruin my day