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How To Stop Folders Appearing When Opening CDex

OK I'm sure there's a way to do this but I must be missing it.

I use EAC for most ripping but sometimes I use CDex if I can't get a good rip through EAC.

Both programs work great but I have an issue with CDex

I have CDex on my "M Drive" and whenever I open CDex it creates folders on this "M Drive"

As soon as CDex accesses Freedb it creates a whole mess of folders like:

  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Data
  • Newage
  • Reggae
  • Rock

Etc etc

How can I stop it from doing this. There must be an option to uncheck somewhere but I can't find it.


How To Stop Folders Appearing When Opening CDex

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Well that's the issue CDex isn't portable (hints at BonkEnc Portable)

To change the behaviour in CDex you could try a work around, still sloppy however those folders shouldn't appear on your M drive:
1. Configure.
2. Click the Local CDDB (tab).
3. Change to a local temp folder such as "C:\Windows\Temp" that many disk cleaning programs remove junk from.


How To Stop Folders Appearing When Opening CDex

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Thanks your work-a-round gave me an answer, I went to

Options -> Settings -> Local CCDB -> and then set up a folder called junk. It puts all those genre folder in there where I don't worry about them.

I'll check out the link you gave me too