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EAC bugs: unicode and forground dialogs

I am using the latest stable release of EAC: 0.99 prebeta 4.  Here are some issues that I have had with it recently:

1) one of the CDs that I want to rip is this Thai CD:

When I insert the CD while EAC is running, and try to populate the metadata by downloading from freedb, I get nothing.  Fine: so no one has ripped this and populated freedb with it before.  Using the URL above, I can easily copy the info into EAC for submission to freedb.

Unfortunately, EAC displays the Thai chars as ? chars.  When I do text editing in TextPad, it can display Thai fine if the right font is used (e.g. Arial Unicode MS).  Is there any way that I can configure EAC to use a different font so that it displays the chars correctly?

Also, does anyone know if this is just a display issue with EAC, or will it submit actual ? chars to freedb (and to Vorbis comments in the FLAC files that I wanna rip from it)?

2) sometimes when I am ripping, I want to work on other programs.  EAC occaisionally has this annoying habit of bringing the ripping dialog constantly into the foreground, over my other apps, which is totally disrupting.

Is there a fix?

EAC bugs: unicode and forground dialogs

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EAC doesn't support Unicode at moment, though a new beta for testing has been released in Beta testers wanted. Dunno about freedb.

I think the focus problem is well known (though IIRC, Andre couldn't confirm that himself).. but it couldn't hurt to add in a new vote in EAC Forum to fix it.. but don't get your hopes up, the development is badly stagnated and even some of the smallest bugs haven't been fixed in many years. E.g. EAC still "reports" a wrong "number of tracks" with enhanced CD's.

EAC bugs: unicode and forground dialogs

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EAC doesn't support Unicode at moment, though a new beta for testing has been released...

Does anyone who has tried the latest beta know if it solves the unicode issue or not?

EAC bugs: unicode and forground dialogs

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Maybe you should go over to EAC forum (the links I provided) and read that "beta topic" in the first place. And then try the beta yourself, and report to Andre if you find any bugs..?