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which DVD-Audio programme should I purchase ?

Hello guys,

I'm looking to purchase a programme which will allow me to burn FLAC and WAVE files to DVD for playing in my DVD Player as DVD-Audio (without any quality loss or short-cuts, I want something that does the job properly !).
Both 24bit/48000 and 16bit/44.1.

Could some people please recommend a decent programme I could purchase ?

I found the following programme quite good in "trial" mode (I was able to burn 5 DVD-Audio's).
DVD-Audio Solo Plus Edition v1.6

Does anybody know how it compares to other programs available for "purchase" ?, would anyone recommend something which is supposed to be a little better ?

Any opinions will be appreciated !
Thanks in advance.

which DVD-Audio programme should I purchase ?

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As you know from your other thread this is the software I use to create DVD-A discs. When I bought it - a couple of years ago - I couldn't find anything as good at anywhere near the price. By "good" I mean it has all of the features needed to create discs that conform to the DVD-A spec (as I understand it). The same was not true of some more expensive software (EG Discwelder Bronze). Support is good too, if you ever need it

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