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%s %d - what do these mean

Hi.  Just wondering.  I keep seeing %s %d at the end of command line parameters and I don't know what they mean.  For example:

-V 2 --vbr-new %s %d

%d -t "Artist=%a" -t "Title=%t" -t "Album=%g" -t "Year=%y" -t "Track=%n" -t "Genre=%m" "C:\Program Files\Monkey's Audio\MAC.exe" %s %d -c5000

--quality 5 --artist "%a" --album "%g" --track "%n" --title "%t" --genre "%m" --year "%y" %s %d

They seem to be very common among different encoders.  I'm new to all of this and I couldn't find any info on google so I figured I'd post here.

Any help is appreciated! 

%s %d - what do these mean

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%s = source file

%d = destination file
lossyWAV -q X -a 4 -s h -A --feedback 2 --limit 15848| FLAC -5 -e -p -b 512 -P=4096 -S-

%s %d - what do these mean

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thanks. i was also wondering about that.

%s %d - what do these mean

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Some background...

In computer programming (in C-language) and the Windows command line (and DOS), the % character tells the computer it needs to "go get" the information and fill-in the blank.

In English, we might write something like this: I,  [YOUR NAME],  agree to the terms of the contract..."

%s %d - what do these mean

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Excellent!  Thank you very much!