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Encode360 WMV Authoring App released


Hey guys!

Finally, Beta 3 is now available! This has turned into a fairly hefty project for me and one of the reasons it's taken quite a while to get it out the door. I'm extremely pleased to say though, that it's been worth the wait.
I've spent a huge amount of time developing this app for you good people. If you feel it's made you a better person, improved your sex life, or just plain made you happier, please donate something to keep the project going.

Encode360 is an application which will convert virtually any video format to high quality WMV’s which can be played by the X-Box 360 or the Microsoft Zune device.

Encode360 Home -
Encode360 Community Forum

It has some great features including:

* Uses Windows Media Encoder as a base, so it'll create 100% Microsoft compliant WMV's
* Automatic re-scaling of video sizes to match your TV resolution or Zune screen. This prevents nasty stretching and artifacts
* Encode as WMV8, WMV9 or ultra high quality WVC1
* Encode with CBR (1 or 2 pass), Quality based VBR, Peak based VBR or Bitrate based VBR
* Predefined bitrate options to best match your output device and network connection
* Folder monitoring mode - great for automatically encoding your freshly downloaded torrents
* Postview, so you can quickly see the quality of your encode, or if subtitles are being encoded correctly
* And lots more that I forget right now!!!

Here's the full changelog since beta 2:

- Total UI Overhaul. Too many changes to list
- Pre-Processing Scriptlets - expand Encode360 with community developed pre-processing scripts. See the new PPS forum for details
- Video Postview (shows what the encoded file will be like, i.e. Shows subtitles, cropping etc)
- Monitoring and automatic processing/encoding of files in a particular folder
- TS Filetype support
- MOV Filetype Support
- Full support for Zune (bitrate recommendations from Microsoft)
- 2 Pass Encoding
- CBR, Peak based VBR and Bitrate based VBR Modes
- Predefined bitrates for best streaming quality on CBR & Peak VBR modes
- Automatic Content Analysis and Video Optimisation for Standard, Interlace, Deinterlace and Inverse Telecine
- UI culture independance. Should now work regardless of your regional settings
- Proper About Box featuring a Donation button! (hint hint)

- AC3Filter now gets configured to bypass audio AS IS, instead of setting to 1, 2, or 5.1 chanels. This saves us a lot of problems, and because we're bypassing the audio mixer, it should also re-encode at the same volume as the input file
- Audio quality is now limited to conform to WMA codec standards
- Files are removed from the encode list as they are successfully encoded
- You can no longer accidentally close the UI if encoding is in progress
- Stopping an encode no longer gives a Cancelled error
- Improved FFMpeg parsing
- Better status messages
- Better definitions on logging

- Not auto-scaling outputted the file at a weird resolution
- If the video bitrate can't be discovered with FFMpeg, you can still continue
- Stopping an encode and then doing a batch encode afterwards was fail after the first file
- x64 FFDShow wasn't being recognised correctly

Known Issues
- Files with multiple audio or video streams (such as VOBs) can be used, but WME only takes the first audio/video stream it finds. Sorry, don't think I can fix this
- 2-Pass VBR modes will set Audio to CBR mode. This is to prevent "Unexpected errors with the audio codec" (see here -
- H264 videos do not encode properly in 2-Pass modes (video doesn't start from the beginning, but audio does). Think this might be an ffdShow bug.

Installation Prerequisites

- You need to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed. Get it here:;displaylang=en
- You need to have Windows Media Player 11 installed. Get it here:
- I recommend you uninstall ALL codecs, then install K-Lite Full Codec Pack from here:
- During the K-Lite install, pick CoreAAC for AAC decoding. Otherwise you'll probably have problems decoding files with AAC audio streams. I also untick Windows Media Player Classic as I don't use this, but that's up to you

Download and Installation

- Download Encode360 from here:
- Extract Encode360 to a folder of your choice
- Download the latest FFMpeg from here:
- Copy FFMpeg.Exe from the 7zip archive to the Encode360 folder
- TS file support requires Elecard MPEG2 Decoder - get it here:

Please visit the Encode360 Forums for further info or simply reply to this thread.

Thanks to everyone who's supported the project so far.
Just an average nerd!


Encode360 WMV Authoring App released

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Sounds excellent.  I'm going to give it a try.