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PHP error on login?

Why do I always get this error when logging in:

Warning: Compilation failed: characters with values > 255 are not yet supported in classes at offset 33 in /var/www/html/hawiki/includes/User.php on line 224

Granted, I still can login successfully... but it is starting to grate my nerves...

PHP error on login?

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Known. Dunno how to fix it.. and since it doesn't seem to matter I won't bother.

PHP error on login?

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Okay, np.

My guess it has got something to do with the REFERER page... since IMO after login I should be returned to the editing page...

But I'll ignore it. It's no big deal pressing "back".

PHP error on login?

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doesn't happen on mediawiki. Jan, can you change /var/www/html/hawiki/includes/User.php on line 224 and add @ before whatever does the processing for it? it'll prevent the error displaying.
err... i'm not using windows any more ;)