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Mp3tag Help?

After a few days of  over being able to use foobar2000 to create custom file lists, I got pointed in the direction of Mp3tag. Finally, it looks like a program that can do what I want. The only question is . . . how? Searching these forums was fruitless, and teh almighty Google had little to say on the subject . . . would anyone happen to know of a good tutorial or be able to give me a quickie on the syntax at the very least?

I'd like to avoid a few more days of programming trial and error hell just to make a freakin' album list, if at all possible.


Mp3tag Help?

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Mp3tag has a help file that explains a lot already

It also has its own forum where you can find lots of premade configs and maybe one of them fits your need or you can learn from them.

Hah, leave it to me to be a typical guy and not RTFM.