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Tears for Fears - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending

I ordered at amazon the "UK Limited Edition" of "Tears for Fears - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending" Album, containing 14 tracks.

By error I got the Canadian issue with only 12 tracks. I compared the Canadian version (NewDoor Records) with the German version (edel Records - 14 tracks) and realised that the Canadian issue has a much better mastering (the edel Records version has heavy dynamic compression).

I'm thinking about to keep the Canadian Version, or should I change it to the UK-Version? But: Is the UK-Version also heavily dynamic compressed like the German issue (maybe identical)?

Long story short:

I'm looking for ReplayGain values from the "Tears for Fears - Everybody Loves A Happy Ending" UK Special Edition 14-Track Album.

For reference the Barcodenumbers:

UK Gut Records: 5 060087 560304
German edel Records: 4 029758 618226
Canada NewDoor Records: 6 02498 63108 9

My Replaygain scans (image PNG, 13kB):