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Aac > Wav Unplayable In Wmp

I seem to be encountering a very strange aac problem.

For some reason, when I decode aac files back to wav windows media player is unable to play them?  It say "invalid media type specified".

The decoded wav file plays perfectly in winamp.

I am able to play wav files decoded from any other format in both winamp and windows media

encountered this problem before?

Aac > Wav Unplayable In Wmp

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The only problem I've ever encountered with WAV files was before encoding with OggEnc which at time's would display a problem with the WAV files, however the remedy I found was to compact the WAVs with WavTrim -

I don't know if this will help or not.
In WavTrim click 'Options > Trim Start > and under Advanced settings enable: Compact the file headers...'

Aac > Wav Unplayable In Wmp

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Can someone please do me a favour.

Download which contains 3 small audio files

1. Original wav
2. aac file encoded from wav
3. wav file decoded from aac file

try playing them through winamp, you should have no problem!

Now try playing the original wav and the decoded wav in windows media player.  Are you able to play both file?

Please let me know

Any help greatly appreciated

If it does not work! try encoding the original file to wav on your computer in aac format, then decode it again and try playing it in windows media player, do you get the same result???

Aac > Wav Unplayable In Wmp

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Yes same here, 'An invalid media type was specified'.
Also after encoding and decoding it myself.
Maybe FAAD problem?

Aac > Wav Unplayable In Wmp

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Does that mean we have  just discovered a bug in faad! 

Not that thats a good thing

To tell you the truth, I'm kinda releaved, I was testing my frontend program and thought it was because of that

Aac > Wav Unplayable In Wmp

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An old v1.5 of FAAD made you file play ok in Media player.
So apparently Winamp can ignore an error that Media player does not.


Edit: What can your frontend do what Speek's Multi frontend can't? 


Aac > Wav Unplayable In Wmp

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Well, you will have to wait and see