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Test sequence for AMRWB

hi all,
      I have downloaded the amrwb v6.0.0 from 3gpp(26.173). i have downloaded the test sequences also(26.174). i have checked the DTX and T test in the test sequence. but i dont know how to check the bit and frame synchronisation tests. if any one run the tests please send the script file or give me the idea how to do the test.

Thanks in advance.


Test sequence for AMRWB

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I like to port the 26,173 standard fixed point AMR-WB code to ARM processor. Before I get into optimization I have to implement the bit-exactness test suite. So I have downloaded the 26.174 standard test sequences. That had three kind of tests.
1) testing all the modes for default format
2) testing for dtx based
3) testing for bit/frame synchronization.
              I have completed first two using the unix shell script. But I couldn’t understand how to use the third kind of test sequences. They have explained what is in the files. But they didn’t say how to use the files. One more thing whether that test is needed or not. If not what is the opt place for that test vectors.