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Real Player connection time out

I have a strange problem here. I'm hoping someone might have seen this exact same thing before, so can offer some advice.

Real Player connections to real audio streams are timing out on me "connection timed out".

However, it seems that the connection is still there because:
a) The stream will always play for exactly the time specified in the "connection time out" limit - so 20 seconds means the stream plays perfectly for 20 seconds - 300 seconds means the stream plays perfectly for 5 minutes - then stops.
b) The display on the time bar which shows you how the buffer is filling, fills nicely - up until the very moment that Real Player stops and pops up the "connection timed out" error
c) I can see the packets coming across the network up until the moment the error pops up.

It seems like the connection providing audio is fine, but some other connection, opened at the start of the stream, either works once or doesn't work at all - and this connection times out and kills everything, even though the audio was coming through fine.

Of course I have experienced real "connection timed out" errors before, and this problem seems unrelated to them. This problem happens on all the sites I've tried.

I'm using a wireless network (usually without problems) and have windows firewall enabled with Realplayer excepted. Win XP Pro SP 2 (it's possible that this machine didn't have SP2 on it last time I had this working - it's not my machine, just borrowed).

Any ideas?