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convert wav into olympus DSS file format

Hi all
Before a week I got an olympus recorder conectable via USB. I can record the speech and then save it into PC as a olympus DSS file or convert it into wav. When something is in the wav it has many possibilities of conversion so I can then convert it into speex or ogg or whatever I want but I am searching for a solution how to convert wav back into DSS. I have read olympus faq and they does not provide such feature. But I wonder someone around the world have similar recorder and experienced the problem before I stard searching for the solution.
I used to store all recordings in speex or ogg format before. I have converted the recordings from old tapes. And now I am looking for the possibility to save some notes into my recorder. The files does not take too much time but I want to avoid rerecording them again with this olympus recorder. Is somewhere a chance to get a encoder for olympus DSS files? I have DSS player installed.